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Dispatched Software Accounting

Dispatched Software is a field service management software that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. This allows for a quicker import of data related to your finances, inventory, and other items that are needed for your business. Easily receive payments and even manage employee hours all from a simple interface.

Seamless integration that is easy and flexible, the Dispatched Accounting Module will fully integrate with QuickBooks, including the following:


Dispatched includes the ability to use QuickBooks items and inventory parts in the software. This includes your QuickBooks group items, discounts, sales tax items, etc. Dispatched work orders can be turned into an invoice in QuickBooks with one click.

Sales Orders

Dispatched work orders can be sent to QuickBooks as an invoice or a sales order. This not a journal entry, the work order will appear in QuickBooks, as an invoice or sales order, with all the information, just as if you had entered a QuickBooks work order.

Receive Payments

Dispatched also includes the ability to receive payments. These payments are then automatically applied to the appropriate customer invoice in QuickBooks.

Price Levels

Dispatched also includes the ability to receive payments. These payments are then automatically applied to the appropriate customer invoice in QuickBooks.

Job Costing

Advanced capabilities of Dispatched service management software also include the ability to integrate employee time tracking and other job costing information into QuickBooks.


Dispatched is a work order software system that also has the ability to turn QuickBooks’ estimates into work orders. Sales orders in QuickBooks can also be sent to Dispatched as a work order.

Time Tracking

Job times including wage reference and service item can be sent into QuickBooks, allowing employees to be paid based on customers serviced.

Custom Fields

Do you use custom fields for QuickBooks customers? These fields are also used in Dispatched. Customer changes and updates can be immediately updated in QuickBooks.

More Quickbooks integration features:

Elimination Of Double Entry

Work order software that claims to work with QuickBooks, has to eliminate double entry of the same information. After all, if you have to type in the same information again, what is the point?

Customer Data

All customer information and QuickBooks jobs are transferred between Dispatched and QuickBooks, allowing you access to the information you need without having to switch to another program.

Class Tracking

Use QuickBooks Class Tracking for individual items or the entire work order. QuickBooks Class Codes can be applied to an entire work order or individual items.

Invoice & Sales Order Template

Choose your invoice template or Sales Order template on the work order or set a default template. The created invoice or Sales Order in QuickBooks will be the chosen template.

Work Performed

Automatically add work performed from the work order as a line item on the invoice or sales order.

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