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Advertising and Marketing Campaign Tracking

Track your marketing campaign and advertising dollars.  Dispatched includes advanced reporting features that include tracking your marketing campaign and advertising expenses.  Find out how your customers find you.  Fully customizable, simply add a title for each marketing or advertising campaign.  Examples include:

You choose the marketing avenue for each job you receive.  Then simply run the report to evaluate your marketing and advertising spending.  The report includes number of work orders for each category and sales values.  This allows you to make an informed managerial decision as to where to spend the most advertising dollars.  Find out if yellow pages are worth the cost, or if a newspaper ad or direct mail campaign really pays off.

With the built in export option, you can customize a mailing list or email marketing list with your customer information.  Or send reminders to your service agreement or preventive maintenance customers.  Use mail merge to customize your documents using customer data from Dispatched.

Dispatched is work order software designed for the service industry.  With the built in advertising and marketing campaign tracking, management will see what advertising strategy works and be better informed on where to spend marketing dollars. 

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