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Whitepaper: Are You Ready for Mobile Field Service?

Demo Instructions:

Login Screen:

The first screen your field technicians will see is the login screen.  The field technician selects their name and types in their password.  (Note: for demonstration purposes the phone buttons are not enabled, only the screen is enabled)  Upon successful login, the mobile device will display a continue button.  (For demonstration purposes, there are no passwords.)

Dispatched Order Selection Page:

Once the field technician has logged in, they are presented with the Order Selection Page.  This page will list all work orders that have been dispatched to the field technician.  The employee simply selects the work order and hits the Goto Button.

Work Order Page:

The work order page will display all of the information regarding the selected customer's work order.  Typical information includes name, address, phone numbers, etc.  Also included is a map of the customer's address with four zoom levels, to allow the field technician to see where the job is located.  As you continue to scroll down the screen, the technician is presented with inventory item parts to add to the work order.  Also included is a Lookup Item option for companies with vast item lists.  (For Demo purposes:  To select multiple items, simply hold down the control key)  Once you have selected the items you want added to the work order, hit the add items button.  After the items have been added to the work order, quantity, price, and description can be adjusted by the field technician, if needed.  A tax and total amount are displayed allowing the field technician to collect from the customer.  Two custom fields are included in the demo.  These fields are Model Make and Serial Number.  Up to ten custom fields can be added at each companies discretion.  Quick Phrases is another option that can save time for field technicians.  Quick phrases are customizable and convenient, especially for mobile devices without full keyboards.  Quick Phrases are added to the Work Performed box.  Customer payment can be added to the work order including payment method, amount, and reference.  The Start Timer button allows the field technician to accrue his time on the job, including drive time, if desired.  Once the field technician has completed the work order, simply check finished and hit update.  The information is then transmitted back to the office and automatically updated in the software. 



Tablet PC Mobile Dispatching Demo


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Mobile Software works on any network and almost all current phones on the market. 

Make your mobile devices rugged with a protective cover.



Work Order Page:

Advanced Features Include:

Software Order Selection Page:

Advanced Features Include:  Mobile Time clock and the ability for Field Technicians to Create Work Orders in the Field.

Login Screen: