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Dispatch software designed for the oil and gas petroleum service industry. Work order management and dispatch software including optional GPS, asset management, and mobile field service.



If your business provides services to the petroleum industry by having service trucks or personnel in the field, you need some type of dispatch and work order software.  Whether hauling loads or servicing oil and gas equipment, the right software package can eliminate paperwork and drastically reduce fuel costs and labor.  At the same time, the right petroleum dispatch software can provide customer service that will make your company indispensable.  Dispatched was designed for service based companies including the oil and gas petroleum industry.

Work Order and Dispatch

Service tickets or work order forms can be customized and organized in the dispatch software system according to your specifications.  With built in scheduling and mapping, your dispatcher can efficiently route and schedule jobs and services. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

With the optional GPS package for Dispatched, service trucks and service vehicles are tracked in real time, right on the same mapping screen that shows the jobs and service locations.  This is not a website.  Fully integrated into the complete petroleum dispatch software system is the mapping and GPS tracking.  Since it is a real time GPS system, your dispatcher will see the exact truck location on the same map system that shows where each job is.  Available on a variety of networks including Alltel, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, Dispatched includes optional GPS tracking for the oil and gas petroleum industry. 

Equipment and Asset Management

Managing customer equipment and in field assets is also included in Dispatched.  Whether your technicians are servicing equipment on oil rigs or filling stations, full access to the service history and equipment information is available for each job site.  The equipment section can also keep valuable asset information such as make, model, serial number, oil type, etc.  As an additional service to your customers, you can even provide them web access to view this information and the service history for each asset.  Asset Management for the petroleum industry is a valuable feature included in Dispatched.

Mobile Field Service

With service technicians in the field, Dispatched includes full mobile capabilities.  Service technicians can use a variety of mobile devices from smart phones, PDAs, laptops, tablet pcs, or rugged devices.  These devices provide real time access to work orders, equipment, mapping, inventory, and all aspects of the job.  Field technicians can complete the work order with pre-listed custom phrases of work performed (eliminating mis-spelling), add parts and items, and capture the customer signature on the device.  Since the system is real time, a completed ticket can be invoiced immediately.  With the mobile field service option for the petroleum industry, you need to look at this petroleum dispatch software.

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About DeFNiC Software

DeFNiC Software is a computer software company specializing in optimization of time and resources for small to large businesses that utilize a mobile field workforce in the petroleum and oil and gas related industries.  Our suite of software products are designed to provide Mobile Resource Management (MRM) specifically to the Field Force Management (FFM) and Field Service Automation (FSA) sector.  We provide software that automates most of the normal functions involved in managing petroleum field personnel.  Our suite of software products can be tailored to meet specific needs of petroleum related industries with a mobile workforce. 


Each work order ticket can be customized to your company's needs.  In addition, as a full service software company, we offer complete custom work order software development.

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