With the Quickbooks Module, invoicing work orders can be done with a simple click of the mouse.  To invoice a work order (service call or new install), simply click the invoice button, then switch to Quickbooks to view the invoice.  All information is transferred into Quickbooks, just as if you had manually re-entered the work order in Quickbooks.  With the Dispatched Quickbooks Module, all of your Quickbook's Items appear in Dispatched.  Even technicians in the field can add Quickbooks items to a work order, making Dispatched a truly mobile dispatching solution.  Furthermore, if your field technicians refer to an item as a Gizmo, but Quickbooks refers to the same item as UnitA213, the software knows that either name is referring to the same item.  In addition, the Quickbooks Module allows field technicians to enter payment information directly on their mobile device.  This is then sent to Quickbooks.  To invoice multiple work orders, click here.

To summarize:  A call for service is received and entered into the software.  The call is then dispatched to a field technician.  The field technician completes the work.  The field technician enters work done, parts used, and payment information on their mobile device.  The information is automatically sent back to the office.  At the office, simply hit the invoice button to transfer the work order into Quickbooks.  Quickbooks, then receives all the information, automatically creates the invoice, automatically processes the payment information, and you are done!  Double entry is eliminated.


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