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Tip:  Dispatched Mobile Module works with all networks, including Sprint, Cingular, Nextel, Verizon, Alltel, and all others.

Mobile Devices can range from simple phones such as the Blade or RAZR up to laptops with air cards.  Try it...

Work Order Software Products

DeFNiC Software's Dispatched is Software for dispatching work orders to service vehicles or field personnel. With Dispatched, users can dispatch a work order to a service technician using real time communication, GPS, mapping software, scheduling software and more.  Dispatched is CRM service software designed to automate most of the daily tasks involved in the service industry. 

Key software modules include the following:

All software modules can be grouped into an entire service software package, or they can be implemented in stages.  Dispatched was designed to grow with your service company.  Any service company with 2 or more service vehicles will greatly benefit from implementing CRM service software. 

Dispatched -- Our core work order software product allowing entry of work orders.  All work tickets can be easily entered into the software.  Using a simple folder design, work orders can be grouped according to your custom specifications.  The software can also be scaled to include not only service tickets, but install tickets, estimates, sales orders, and all job tickets related to your company.  With a built in job calendar (dispatch board), your work orders can be scheduled with ease.  Also included, this dispatch software has an integrated mapping feature.  Using Microsoft Mappoint technology all your work tickets are automatically placed on a detailed map.  With this technology all service technicians, field technicians, or field personnel locations can be tracked on a detailed map.  A Lite version is also available without the integrated mapping.  Simple and easy to use data entry allows for a comprehensive service management software solution.  Next steps:

Dispatched Mobile Module -- The mobile module is an add-on to the core dispatch software.  It was created to provide a truly affordable MRM (Mobile Resource Management) solution.  Also known as field service automation, the mobile module allows for real time communication to and from field technicians.  Any mobile device that accesses the internet can greatly benefit from Dispatched Mobile.  Devices can range from simple cell phones such as the Razr or Blade phone to a ruggedized handheld such as made by Symbol or Intermec.  For best performance, many companies choose to use laptops or tablet pcs with network air cards.  While SMS (text messaging) is included, Dispatched Mobile features real time two way communication with field personnel.  Customer signature capture and in field printing or emailing of service tickets is also included.  Even your sales force can utilize the mobile features of the software to automate their tasks.  A true CRM software solution, Dispatched Mobile is the ultimate in mobile resource management.  Next steps:

Dispatched Accounting Module -- The accounting module is an add-on to the core dispatching program.  Designed for fast and easy integration with Quickbooks, this module allows you to  eliminate double entry altogether.  When coupled with the Dispatched Mobile Module, even field technicians or sales personnel can total invoices or estimates in the field.  Seamless integration that is easy and flexible, the Dispatched Accounting Module will fully integrate with Quickbooks, including the following:

  1. Transferring customer information -- including Quickbook's jobs and sub-jobs to and from Dispatched.

  2. Transferring Quickbook's item list for use in Dispatched -- including Quickbook's group items, sales tax items, and discounts.

  3. Transferring Quickbook's estimates and sales orders into work orders in Dispatched -- including custom pricing and invoicing.

  4. Using custom price levels from Quickbooks -- allowing work orders to reflect custom price levels for different customers or jobs...and more.

If you are looking for service software or dispatch software that integrates with Quickbooks, you need to look at Dispatched!  Next steps:

Tip:  Work order software is also known as the following:


Dispatched GPS Module  -- The GPS (Global Positioning System) Module is an add-on to Dispatched.  Fully integrated into the mapping system, the GPS module features real time positioning of service vehicles.  A GPS device is mounted inside the service vehicle and connected to a wireless carrier such as Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, etc.  GPS data is fed in real time to Dispatched.  The GPS software includes speeding alarms, unauthorized zone alarms, and historical reporting.  The Dispatched GPS module features accurate GPS software, that provides reliable information to help reduce fuel costs and misconduct.  If you are looking for a total mobile resource management software solution for your service business, Dispatched has an all inclusive service software solution.  Next steps:

Remote Mobile Dispatcher -- The Remote Mobile Dispatcher module is an add-on to the core dispatching program.  Designed for fast and easy in field scheduling and assigning work orders, this module allows you to work from anywhere.  When coupled with the Dispatched Mobile Module, even field technicians or sales personnel can assign, create, schedule, and dispatch work orders.  Next steps:

Dispatched Barcode Module -- The Dispatched Barcode Module is an add-on to the core dispatching program.  Designed for fast and easy barcode generation, this module allows you to barcode your inventory, non-inventory, Quickbooks items, and Equipment.  When coupled with the Dispatched Mobile Module, even field technicians or sales personnel can scan a computer generated barcode price list.  Next steps:


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