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Customer electronic signature capture is included as an add on to the mobile module of Dispatched - work order software.  When a service technician has completed a work order, the customer can electronically sign the work order on a mobile device.  The completed service ticket can then be printed for the customer or even emailed to the customer.  Using the email option, your complete service operation could be paperless.  Once the customer has signed, the entire work order image is captured and sent back to the office for later viewing and record keeping.   

Try Electronic Signature:

Service technicians can print a completed work order with the customer's signature, customer information, work performed, pricing, parts used and any other information.  Click here to see a sample completed work order:  Sample Completed Work Order

With Dispatched, you have the option of capturing a digital or electronic signature of your customer on the work order.

Tablet pc's running Windows XP - Tablet Edition usually provide the best platform for signature capture.  Signature capture is also available for mobile devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.  Most rugged mobile devices such as provided by Symbol Technologies and Intermec will be running Windows Mobile.

These features and more are included in Dispatched Software.  Learn more about Dispatched - Work Order and Service Management Software


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