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Service is the most important aspect of your business.  Your ability to provide quality customer service on time and at a reasonable price can make or break your company.  One bad customer interaction on a service call and not much else will matter to that customer.  In fact, that customer no longer trusts your company.  Even if you have the lowest price product or the highest quality product.  That customer will purposely go out of their way to avoid doing business with your company.  Think back to the last time you had a bad experience when you personally needed service on a product.  The expression has often been said and still holds true, "A satisfied customer tells no one, but a dissatisfied customer will tell eight other people."  Like it or not, if your business offers service, how well you provide that customer service is the most important aspect of your business.

Customer Service Software - also known as CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a relatively new area to business.  Sure, the simple rules of good customer service have been around for years:

Customer service software puts these rules into a useable computerized format.  A good quality CRM software program, such as Dispatched, includes the following:

These features and more are included in Dispatched Software.  more benefits


Great Customer Service:

"Assigning the right task to the right resource with the right equipment in the right location at the right time with the right IT tools will achieve the efficiencies and flexibility that enable enterprises to better compete in their markets." - Directions Magazine

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