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Dispatched is work order software designed for the Plumbing, Heating, Refrigeration, and Mechanical services industry. 


Plumbing businesses know what they need in a software package designed for work order life cycle management.  Service is a big part of the  Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical services industry, and Dispatched is service management software that includes all aspects of the  Plumbing contractor business.  Each  Plumbing company is different.  While preventive maintenance and service agreements may be at the heart of one plumbing and heating company, equipment and asset management may be at the heart of another plumber's business.  If your  Plumbing business is focused on time and profitability management, or more concerned with GPS vehicle tracking, Dispatched has different modules designed to meet your needs as an  Plumbing contractor.  Whether your business is focused on residential, commercial, or industrial, Dispatched covers all aspects of your industry through different modules of work order software.

At its core, Dispatched easily manages all aspects of a work order and its life cycle.  Whether it is a new install, an estimate, callback, or service call, each work order ticket can be customized to your company's needs.  In addition, as a full service software company, we offer complete custom work order software development.

Learn more about Dispatched service management software for the  Plumbing, heating, refrigeration, and mechanical industries by following these links.


About DeFNiC Software

DeFNiC Software is a computer software company specializing in optimization of time and resources for small to large businesses that utilize a mobile field workforce in the  Plumbing, heating, refrigeration, and mechanical related industries.  Our suite of software products are designed to provide Mobile Resource Management (MRM) specifically to the Field Force Management (FFM) and Field Service Automation (FSA) sector.  We provide software that automates most of the normal functions involved in managing field personnel.  Our suite of software products can be tailored to meet specific needs of  Plumbing and related industries mobile workforce. 


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