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Add Barcode Capabilities to Your Quicbooks Inventory and Item List

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Keep a detailed account of how much time is spent related to work orders by your office personnel for one day.


With Dispatched Software, that time could be reduced by 75%.



Tip:  Work order software that works with Quickbooks should include the following:

  • Integration of customers and jobs.

  • Ability to use Quickbooks items including group items and discounts.

  • Ability to invoice work orders directly into Quickbooks, including receive payments.

  • Ability to turn Quickbooks Estimates or Quickbooks Sales Orders into work orders.

  • Use custom Price Levels for customers.

  • Use Quickbooks items from in the field to invoice a work order.

  • Ability to send a work order into Quickbooks as an invoice or sales order, choose the Quickbooks Template and use Quickbooks Class Codes.

Daily and Weekly Scheduling

Integrated Dispatch Map

Real Time Mobile Field Service

File Cabinet Type Organization



Integration With Quickbooks:


Dispatched Software is Work order software that fully integrates with Quickbooks.  If you are looking for service software that works with Quickbooks, Dispatched is fast, accurate, and includes the following capabilities:


If your business needs software that works with Quickbooks, contact us at 877-434-7724 for a customized software solution.