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Preventive Maintenance Software


Preventative Maintenance - Also known as SLA (Service Level Agreements) are included in the software.  Choose your customer, specify how often the service occurs, and the software automatically creates a work order for that customer at an interval of your choosing.  Need to assign the same technician for each recurring service agreement?  No problem.  Simply choose the date and technician, and the software will automatically block off that time slot on the schedule / calendar for that technician.  Invoice service agreements using Quickbooks items quickly and easily.  Quickbooks items can even be setup to invoice using progress billing, allowing for accurate accounting.

In addition to Preventative Maintenance, Dispatched software allows you to create a workorder for an SLA customer without interfering with any existing service agreement.

Some key features of the Preventative Maintenance module include:

These and many more features are included in Dispatched Software.  Schedule a Guided Tour


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