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Tip:  CMMS, EAM, ERP, CRM definitions:
  • CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System

  • EAM - Enterprise Asset Management

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management



Computerized Maintenance Management System Asset Management Software

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) are computer software systems designed for management of organizational and enterprise assets.  The heart of the system is preventive maintenance designed to extend the life of the asset.  These systems can be stand alone software packages running inside an organization, or they can be an integrated part of a work order software system for a service company.  Dispatched includes CMMS asset management (including a customer portal) as an extension of its work order software program.  CMMS / EAM are additional features included in an overall CRM solution. 


The CMMS asset management section of Dispatched allows you to provide in-house personnel with the information they need regarding your customers assets.  In addition, Dispatched also provides a customer portal, which grants your customer secure access to equipment history and asset information.  Field technicians also receive asset information using mobile devices.  The asset and equipment management section of Dispatched is fully customizable and can include any of the following and more:

Customer Portal

By providing a customer portal, Dispatched allows your customers to view the status of work orders, equipment and asset information, and service history using a web browser.  In addition, your customers can request service directly on the web page without having to place a phone call.  The service request is automatically entered into the system along with notifications to you and other office personnel.  Your customer does not have to maintain their own CMMS or EAM system.  All they have to do is log on to your website.  Their equipment and asset information is maintained by the software system.  By providing this information as a value added service to your customers, your company provides superb customer service and becomes indispensable.  For more information on the customer portal, contact us at 1-877-434-7724.

Preventive Maintenance

The preventive maintenance portion of Dispatched is a section of the CMMS / EAM solution.  This area allows for recurring service agreements (SLA's - Service Level Agreements) on specific pieces of equipment.  The software allows you to choose how often the service occurs.   A work order is automatically created for service to equipment at chosen intervals.  The system can even be automated so that no office interaction is needed.  Once a service agreement is entered, the software can be set to automatically produce, schedule, and dispatch service work orders.  These can be directly tied to specific equipment and assets or remain generic.  Preventive maintenance customers can be filtered by contract date.  This allow you to generate a mailing list or email list to remind your service agreement customers of renewal dates, contract expiration dates, or upcoming service dates.  For more information click here... Preventive Maintenance and Service Agreements

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